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Costs pressures and the pursuit of stronger margins are pushing many Western companies to turn to China when sourcing components or Sub assemblies.

Sourcing in China carries as many threats as opportunities and mistakes in approving suppliers can have serious consequences in both monetary losses as well as reputation. With many years experience in successfully sourcing in China the principals of Anglo China have perfected a cautious quality driven approach spearheaded by a team of dedicated Chinese technical buyers based in China. This approach eliminates many of the risks of failure and gives the buying company confidence in their China supply chain. Anglo China has established over many years a network of approved suppliers and partners who understand and share our philosophy on quality and service together with competitive pricing.

The product range of our approved suppliers is vast and covers mechanical components, plastic mouldings, tooling, metal pressings, electronic sub assemblies, consumer ‘finished’ goods and many more.

As well as offering great supply chain opportunities to those companies starting up or currently purchasing in their local markets, Anglo China can also offer a benchmarking service to those already established in purchasing product from China.

The fact that we offer first tier manufacturers and no trading companies could lead to BOM material cost reductions.

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